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Due to its vast area
Wantage Township is covered
by four different fire departments.

In an
emergency call 911

and the appropriate department
will be dispatched.

Wantage Community

First Aid Squads

Wantage Township First Aid Squad
Located at 888 Route 23 south
Business phone number: (973) 875-9924

The Wantage Township First Aid Squad (WTFAS) began providing emergency medical service to the Township of Wantage in 1992. The WTFAS is a seperate and distinct agency from the Wantage Township Fire Department but the squad often works in close cooperation with the fire department in emergencies and both agencies often train together to provide a coordinated response at the time of an emergency.

Today, the WTFAS is comprised of 45 active members and 10 cadet members. The squad provides three, basic life support ambulances to the Township 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Members attend a four month training program to become EMT's and must continue regular training to maintain their certifications and proficiency.

The squad welcomes all who have an interest in helping their neighbors and any interested individuals (ages 16 to 18 for cadets and 18 and above for regular members) are welcome to contact the squad for information regarding membership. Besides the time spent in training and drills, members are expected to run at least one shift a week consisting of 12 hours and one 24 hour weekend day a month.

To activate the squad, in the event of an emergency, dial 911. All other non emergency calls can be directed to the squad number, (973) 875-9924. This non emergency phone number is not staffed at all times but please feel free to leave a message and someone will return your call.

The WTFAS operates strictly on donations, we never charge the patient or their insurance provider. The services the squad performs as well as emergency medical supplies and maintenance to the vehicles are paid for through the generous donations of the residents of Wantage as well as through fundraising activities by squad members. Your generous support is always welcome and greatly appreciated. We cannot do our job without you.