Minutes of Mayor and Council

Mayor Jeff Parrott called the meeting to order, and requested the Clerk to call the roll. Upon roll call, the following members of the governing body were present:
Mayor Parrott, Committee members Sytsema, De Boer. Also present: Administrator Clerk Jim Doherty.

The following members were absent: None.

Mayor Parrott led the assembly in the Salute to the Flag.
Mayor Parrott stated, “This meeting is being held in compliance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act, Public Laws 1975, Chapter 231. It has been properly noticed and posted to the public, and certified by the Clerk."

The governing body gave consideration to the status of budget preparation for calendar year 2003.

Contribution To Fire Department, Continued

Mayor Parrott invited Chief Marc Blaine to present his revised request for consideration of budgetary contribution by the Township for calendar year 2003. General discussion and review took place, after which the members of the governing body agreed to give consideration to the request as presented today, pending further consideration once the anticipated local tax rate is known for the year.

Discussion turned to the list of proposed capital improvement projects and vehicle/equipment purchases for this calendar year. The members of the governing body reviewed the proposed purchase of public works equipment with Road Supervisor Bob Wagner and Buildings and Grounds employee Bob Crum.

The members of the governing body then reviewed the adjusted ten year vehicle and equipment needs analysis for the Township, reflecting the inclusion of a Wantage Township contribution toward the costs of purchasing a ladder truck for the Sussex Fire Department. Mr. Doherty reviewed the anticipated impact this purchase would have on the long range capital and debt analysis of the Township, and presented a spread sheet to reflect the known, anticipated costs of purchases and debts through the year 2013, with a proposed annual budget plan for spreading out the cost of these obligations to provide minimal impact on the taxpayers.

The members of the governing body advised Mr. Doherty to retain all proposed public works projects and capital purchases proposed at this time, but reserved the right to re-visit the list of projects once the tax impact for 2003 is known.

There being no other items for the consideration of the governing body at this time, Mr. Sytsema moved to adjourn the meeting. Mr. De Boer seconded the motion.
Upon roll call,
Ayes: De Boer, Sytsema, Parrott Nays: None Absent: None Abstain: None
It was agreed that the next budget work session would be held on January 30, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
Mayor Parrott declared this meeting to be adjourned.
James R. Doherty, Clerk