Ordinance #2003-14

WHEREAS, the Wantage Township Committee, County of Sussex and State of New Jersey adopted a resolution entitled “Resolution of the Wantage Township Committee approving an agreement providing for the vacation and sale of a portion of Quarry Road, and construction of a cul-de-sac and dedication of the cul-de-sac to the Township” on or about February 2, 2003. An Agreement was entered between the Township of Wantage and Lou and Debbie Dobbs.

WHEREAS, the Agreement provides that the Township will vacate public rights in a portion of Quarry Road provided the conditions in the Agreement have been met;

WHEREAS, the Dobbs have executed the Agreement and have, to date, fulfilled the terms of the Agreement;

WHEREAS, there appears to be no public need for that portion of Quarry Road; and,

WHEREAS, the public use or maintenance of that portion of Quarry Road which is to be vacated would cause a financial burden to the Township without any beneficial return to the public.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Wantage Township Committee, County of Sussex and State of New Jersey, as follows:

1. The public rights and interests in a certain portion of Quarry Road are vacated, abandoned and released effective upon the satisfactory completion of all items in the Agreement as determined by the Township Committee with the recommendations of the Township Engineer and Township Attorney.

2. Reserved and excepted from this vacation are all rights and privileges possessed by public utilities as defined in N.J.S.A. 48:2-13 and by any cable television company as defined in the “Cable Television Act”, P.L. 1972(c) 186 (See 48:5A-1 et seq.) to maintain, repair and replace their existing facilities in, adjacent to, over or under the street, highway, lane, alley, square, place or park or any part thereof to be vacated.

3. Reserved and excepted are any rights or easements for storm drainage through, over or under the road being vacated which the Township may own or possess.

4. All conflicting or inconsistent ordinances are repealed.

5. This Ordinance shall become effective twenty (20) days after final passage and publication according to law, and the Township Clerk shall within sixty (60) days after this Ordinance becomes effective file a certified copy together with a copy of proof of publication in the Sussex County Clerk’s Office.

Jeffrey Parrott, Mayor
James R. Doherty, Clerk/Administrator

NOTICE is given that this ordinance was introduced and passed upon first reading at a meeting of the Mayor and Township Committee of the Township of Wantage, in the County of Sussex, New Jersey, held on August 14, 2003. It will be further considered for final passage with the proposed ordinance after public hearing at a meeting of the Mayor and Township Committee to be held in the Wantage Township Municipal Building, 888 Route 23, Wantage, New Jersey 07461, on September 11, 2003, at 8:00 o'clock P.M., and copies of the ordinance will be made available at the Clerk's office in the Municipal Building to members of the general public.
James R. Doherty, Clerk/Administrator

This Ordinance provides for vacation of certain portions of Quarry Road. As part of the Agreement, cul-de-sacs will be conveyed by the adjacent property owner (with one being fully paved at this time). Not all of Quarry Road is being vacated. The portion that is being vacated is described in a series of metes and bounds descriptions and include parcels 1.03 through 1.11. The map, all metes and bounds descriptions, the cul-de-sac descriptions, and the underlying Agreement are all available for public inspection during normal business hours in the Municipal Clerk’s Office at the Township Municipal Building, 888 Route 23, Wantage, New Jersey.