County OEM
Telephone number:

Wantage Government


Find Out if A Shelter Has Been Opened in Wantage Township in response to a prolonged "no electricity, no heat" situation during a winter storm:
  1. The person in need of emergency shelter should call the County Office of Emergency Management, to see if the County or the Red Cross has opened a warming shelter anywhere in the county. County OEM Telephone number: 973-579-0888. If the answer is no, or if the County's shelter cannot be reached by the local resident(s):
  2. The person in need of an emergency shelter should call the State Police non-emergency number at 973-383-1515 (Do NOT call 911).
  3. State Police will then contact Wantage Township Emergency Management Coordinator Joe Konopinski, who will try to find out how long the power outage will continue.
  4. The Wantage Emergency Management Coordinator or his desingee will take appropriate steps, if deemed necessary, to open a local warming shelter.
  5. The Wantage Public Works Supervisor and Township Administrator will coordinate any needed transportation to the shelter, open up the shelter, and handle public information regarding the shelter.
  6. If it becomes necessary to make arrangements for food and overnight accommodations, the County Office of Emergency Management will make appropriate arrangements through the Red Cross. The County OEM will make contact with Red Cross.
Effective January, 2011