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If a deer has been hit by a car, and needs to be removed from the side of a public road, Call 973-875-7192

The Wantage Township Administrator wishes to remind the members of the general public that reports of dead deer along the roads of Wantage should be reported to the Wantage Town Hall at 973-875-7192.

Wantage Administrator Jim Doherty states "Once a member of the public reports the location of a dead deer to the Town Hall, we will send a fax notification to the contractor for the State of New Jersey, to collect the deer. The contract with the State requires that the deer must be picked up no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day following the request from the Town Hall".

Doherty explains that it is important to report the location of the deer as accurately as possible. Always identify the street or Route of the deer carcass location, and specify the nearest cross road or street. Try to include a house or business street number, mile marker, or land mark if possible.

The Contractor is not permitted to remove deer carcasses from any private property — this service is only for situations where deer carcasses are located within, or on the side of, a local, county or state road. If a member of the public requires assistance removing a dead deer from their private property, they can contact Town Hall and the Public Works Department will work with the homeowner to handle the situation.

Municipal Notice > revised April 1, 2005