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Woodbourne Park Gated Due to Vandalism

Over the past several months, repeated acts of vandalism have been occurring at Woodbourne Park. Unknown individuals are repeatedly driving vehicles off the paved drive areas within the park onto grass areas and ball fields. This ongoing damage represents a taxpayer burden that needs to be addressed. It interferes with the ability of our sports organizations to make use of the ball fields—and it destroys the beauty of our municipal park for all citizens.

Efforts to identify these vandals and hold them accountable are proving difficult.

To address this matter, the Wantage DPW is placing a gate in the area of the front cul-de-sac at the park. Any member of the public wishing to make use of Woodbourne Park during the winter months may still do so, but parking of vehicles will be restricted to the front parking lot area.

The walking/jogging path of the entire park is still accessible, but the damage being done to the rear of the park by vehicles will be eliminated by the closed gate. This new cul-de-sac gate will remain locked until March 15.

Additionally, the opening and closing of the front gate to Woodbourne Park is going to be strictly enforced to minimize access to the entire park during evening hours. Please expect the Township Constable to close the front gates of the park by 5:45 p.m. each day during the winter, through March 15. The Wantage DPW will open the front gate at Woodbourne Park between 6:00 - 6:30 a.m. each morning.

When the spring season begins in mid-March, the cul-de-sac gate will be re-opened to allow parking in the rear of the park once again. By that time, additional guide rail and fencing will have been put up in the rear of the park to prevent further damage being done by vandals.

We apologize for whatever inconvenience these changes may cause to those of our residents who have enjoyed the use of this park during later hours or earlier hours, up until now. Unfortunately, the selfish acts of a few require us to take definitive action to ensure that acts of vandalism are minimized.

Thank you for your attention and your cooperation on this matter.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Wantage Administrator at 973-875-7192.

Continued best regards,
Wantage Township Mayor & Committee

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Notice posted 2014.

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