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Storm Notices and Information

Sandy BPU Meeting —Tuesday, December 18,
at 4:00 p.m. at Hopatcong Middle School in Hopatcong

Office of the Governor
Post Office Box 001
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0001

December 11, 2012

Dear Friend:

Following Superstorm Sandy, we received feedback from New Jersey residents about their experience with their utility provider.

I heard the concerns of our residents and have directed the Board of Public Utilities to conduct meetings throughout the state for residents to speak directly with their providers on this important issue. I wanted to make you aware of this meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, December 18, at 4:00 p.m. at Hopatcong Middle School in Hopatcong. I encourage you to attend and include family, friends and neighbors affected by the storm in this open public forum as well.

I look forward to your valued opinions as we work together to tackle the challenges that New Jersey faces.


Chris Christie

Wantage Homeowners:
If your home experienced significant damage from Hurricane Sandy, and you believe the Assessment should be adjusted to reflect a different property value because of that, please DOWNLOAD FORM, complete and return to Kristy Lockburner, Wantage Tax Assessor, 888 Route 23, Wantage, NJ 07461.

Tax Payments
Due to the impact Hurricane Sandy has had on Township residents, the grace period for 4th quarter taxes has been extended to November 16th. For taxes received after the 16th, interest will revert back to Nov. 1st.

Notice from Sussex County Sheriff's Office
FEMA: (11/6) Please share our RUMOR CONTROL website to combat misinformation!
Twitter: #Sandy #NY #NJ #CT

Food Drive
Wantage Township Employees Kim Moore and Nancy Van Horn are coordinating a Food Drive to help those residents within Sussex County who were hit by the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy."Working As A Community To Eliminate Hunger" is being run in Cooperation With Champions For Charity. All the Food Collected in this Food Drive will Provide Emergency Food Assistance to Sussex County Residents in Need.

Please drop off what you can spare to Wantage Township Municipal Building, 888 Route 23 in Wantage, during regular office hours 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Dr. Edward Izbicki of the Sussex Wantage School System has graciously offered to supplement the Wantage Town Hall Food Drive with drop off locations at each of the Susses-Wantage School buildings:
     Wantage School, on Route 23
     Lawrence School, on Ryan Road
     Sussex Middle School, on Loomis Avenue.

Thank you Sussex Wantage School System for your help and cooperation!
• Cereal
• Peanut Butter & Jelly
• Meals In A Can (Ex. Spaghettios, Ravioli, Beefaroni, Beef Stew, Chili)
• Tuna
• Mac & Cheese
• Spaghetti / Tomato Sauce
• Hearty Soups
• Canned Fruit
• Canned Vegetables
• Juice
• Rice (Ideal size is 1-2 lbs.)
• Instant Potatoes
• Baby Food and Formula
• Diapers
• Crackers
• Granola Bars
• Kid Friendly Snacks
• Personal Hygiene Products
  (Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrushes & Toothpaste)

If you are in Need of Assistance, Please call 973-383-3600
8:30 am – 4:30 pm ~ Monday - Friday

Tips for Customers Requesting Service Reconnections

Thousands of Jersey Central Power & Light customers sustained significant damage to their homes and businesses as a result of Hurricane Sandy. As repairs are completed, customers will need to have their service reconnected. Here are some tips and information to make the reconnection process easier.

There are dedicated Service Crews handling reconnection work.
Residents should have a licensed electrician make repairs to their homes.

If the customer has a functioning electrical service entrance, including the meter – JCP&L will complete the service reconnection.

If the meter was removed due to severe damage or flooding – JCP&L will install a new meter after the service is repaired by a qualified electrician and inspected by a state inspector.

The inspector will provide certification that the work has been done properly, and will fax the cut-in card to 888-914-9140.
The inspector will attach a sticker with the inspection date on the meter pan.
Customers should have their home address or account number when calling the company to request reconnection.
Because of the volume of requests, it could take a few days for service to be reconnected.

To schedule a service reconnection, customers should call 1-800-662-3115.

From Town Hall

DAMAGE CLAIMS: Wantage homeowners and businessmen may contact Chris or Jeanne at town hall 973-875-7192 and add your name/address to a "Storm damaged properties" list. We will submit that list. Emergency Management Coordinator Joe Konopinski recommends homeowners and businessmen also report their situation directly to FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 or via website

Wantage DPW will begin town-wide curb-side clean up of branches on November 7. We will continue canvassing town until all is cleaned up.

Storm Updates

Traffic Incidents:

The County of Sussex Division of Emergency Management will provide regular updates on the County website and social media:
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