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Wantage Township Now Owns Lake Neepaulin

Wantage Township now owns the body of water named Lake Neepaulin, the dam which supports that lake, and the beach property along South Shore Drive. In accepting ownership of this property, it is the intention of the governing body to designate the land as a municipal park.

The Wantage Township Board of Recreation Commissioners exists for the purpose of offering recommendations to the governing body regarding rules and regulations for the use of Township Parks. Once those rules and regulations are adopted by the governing body, the Recreation Commission carries out and enforces those rules and regulations.

We know there are a number of questions being asked about the future of the Lake. Will swimming be allowed? Boating? Fishing? What about parking? What about use of the beach? If any of these activities are allowed, will there be permits and user fees? How will the lake be maintained?

The Recreation Commission is in the process of conducting a review of the situation to address all of these questions. Many considerations must be given to this matter, including liability exposure, cost, and fairness in establishing rules that apply equally to all citizens. The governing body has requested the input and recommendations of the Recreation Commission be presented by November 1, 2014, for consideration of adoption by the governing body.

Many citizens have a desire to offer input on this issue. The governing body welcomes your input on the questions posed above, and any other questions that may come to your mind which you believe ought to be addressed. Please feel free to send your questions via E-mail to, via fax to 973-875-0801, by regular mail or via hand delivery to Wantage Town Hall.

Until the rules and regulations for the use of Lake Neepaulin have been adopted by the governing body, all use of the lake and beach is suspended, effective immediately. The lake and the Beach property are closed to the public until further notice, and no fishing, boating or swimming should take place by any person until further notice.

Some property owners on North Shore Drive and South Shore Drive may have established a “use expectation” for the lake while it was under ownership of FOLN. This use expectation may have been established based on your membership in FOLN, and/or an agreement you may have had with FOLN. Please understand that any use privileges for the lake which may have been granted by FOLN are not valid any more, unless you can establish that any such use rights are included in the deed to your property. If such is the case, please contact Township Administrator Jim Doherty and provide a copy of your deed so the Township may make appropriate accommodations and response. Or, if you believe other circumstances exist which entitle you to continued use of the lake, please present Mr. Doherty with that documentation for review and response.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Doherty at 973-875-7192. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Wantage Township Governing Body