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E-mail Address Dedicated to Concerns of Recycling Facility

In response to a request from Wantage Township, RER Supply has created a dedicated E-mail address for members of the public who wish to report a concern regarding the presence of odors being generated from its Route 23 Recycling facility, and/or any other concerns. It is hoped that by reporting concerns as soon as possible, RER will be able to provide a swift response to address the concern.

The address is:

RER Supply has prepared the following statement with regard to this E-mail account:

"As part of our on-going effort to improve our Wantage site operations, and to better communicate with area residents, RER Supply has implemented a community email account. The account will allow RER to receive comments directly from area residents, and will give us a means of keeping residents informed of important RER news and updates. Our goal is to respond to all comments in a timely manner, to make investments that have a positive effect on the community, and to continue providing an important service for the environment and the State of New Jersey."