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Route 23 Area Redevelopment Plan

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Beach Party Sing-Along
Thursday, January 19, 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Library Community Room

Winter Festival
Saturday, January 28, noon to 3 p.m.
High Point State Park

Line Dancing Class
Sunday, January 29, 2 p.m.
Library Community Room

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Welcome to Wantage

News & Notices

Christmas Tree Pickup

The annual Christmas tree pick up will be conducted during the month of January by the DPW. Please make sure your Christmas tree is out by January 31st. Any Christmas tree placed curbside after January 31st will not be picked up.

Warning: Do Not Do Business With Unlicensed Peddlers

We received a report of an individual attempting to sell meat from a white truck or van to a Wantage citizen in Lake Neepaulin.

Such efforts to sell food items—or other services—door-to-door turn up in Wantage every so often. This type of solicitation is usually presented by the person saying that he has "completed his deliveries for the day" and had some extra inventory, and he wants to know if you want to buy it at a discount.

While the purchase of products through the Internet represents a valid and private business transaction, the act of knocking on someone's door in Wantage Township and offering to sell something to the resident that he or she did not order represents an act of peddling.

If anyone knocks on your door and offers to sell you something, ask to see his (or her) Peddler's Permit. If he/she does not have a Wantage Township Peddler Permit, this individual has not paid his/her fees to Wantage; he/she may not be registered with the State of New Jersey for Sales Tax compliance; he/she has not obtained a Food Handling Permit, so there is no protection for you regarding the safety of the food sold to you; and this person is taking commerce away from the legitimate Wantage Township businesses and farmers who pay their taxes in Wantage and rely on us to stay in business.

Please remember that you are not obliged to open your door to an unknown person, and you should act with caution whenever someone offers to sell you food, repave your driveway, clean your gutters, or any other service which you have not requested. If this person is a legitimate business person, he/she will be willing to leave you with his/her contact information or send it to you in the mail and do business with you another day, if you choose to contact him/her. Do not accept suggestions of "good deals if you act now." Any such representations should raise a yellow flag of caution. If the offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Suspicious activity involving the offering of such services should be reported to the New Jersey State Police at 973-383-1515.

Library Homebound Services

When someone is ill or homebound, a good book can be a great comfort. The Friends of the Sussex-Wantage Library are pleased to offer two free services to members of the Sussex-Wantage community. continued...

E-mail Address Dedicated to Recycling Facility Concerns

In response to a request from Wantage Township, RER Supply has created a dedicated E-mail address for members of the public who wish to report a concern regarding the presence of odors being generated from its Route 23 Recycling facility, and/or any other concerns. read notice

Concerns about ATVs and Dirt Bikes

Complaints continue to be received from residents in various areas of the Township about illegal use of ATVs and dirt bikes on public roads and other people's private property. It is important for the message to be carried: Individuals violating this law will be prosecuted. If youths are involved, their parents will be held accountable. PLEASE! It is a matter of safety. It is a matter of courtesy. And IT IS A MATTER OF THE LAW. Keep ATV's and Dirt Bikes off public roads and property, and off the private property of people who have not given you permission for the use of their property.

Trimming Trees/Bushes on Public Rights of Way

From time to time, the Township must trim hedges, bushes, tree branches, shrubbery and other forms of landscaping planted along the public right of way. If you have trees or bushes planted along the public right of way, and you do not want the Township to trim them, for fear that we may damage the plant or tree, please contact the Administrator's office at 973-875-7192. We will have a member of the Public Works Department come out and explain our needs, and if it is necessary to improve sight distance, we will allow you the opportunity to trim and prune the plants yourself, in a way that you find acceptable and will at the same time meet the needs of the public for safety along the roads. Please work with us on this issue! If we do not hear from you, and the public's safety is being compromised by sight distance problems, we will take appropriate action to prune and trim the branches and shrubs. Take a pro-active stance now to protect your curb-side landscaping, if you think this will be a problem or issue for you.

Do Not Do Business with Unlicensed Peddlers

Read notice

Avoid Phone Scams

Article on how to avoid phone scams

Redevelopment Plan

A preliminary investigation regarding the designation of a proposed area in need of redevelopment known as the Route 23 Redevelopment Area.
Download the report PDF 8.5 MB Ordinance 2015-10

How Does Wantage Township Inform Citizens About Emergencies And Other Important Public Notifications?

See Mayor's Notes

Ongoing Points of Interest

We at Wantage Town Hall often are asked the following questions, being on-going points of information the general public is interested in knowing:

This and other information is available through the County of Sussex, by using the following link: We always welcome your phone calls, but in some cases, the local government is not in a position to have the data or information you are seeking. In those situations, we would direct you to search the above resource. Try out the above link, and keep it handy for the future in case you have questions on these topics. We hope this is helpful to you!

Continued best regards,
Wantage Township Mayor & Committee

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