Wantage Notice

Public Information Notification List

As a means by which to provide a courtesy notification on various matters of interest to the Wantage community and general public, Wantage Township is creating an e-mail chain for any one interested in receiving periodic communications from Wantage town hall.

While the primary goal to provide a courtesy notification in times of emergency, this system would also be used in non-emergency situations from time to time to provide information items of interest which the governing body may wish to share with the public in a timely fashion.

This will not take the role of a newsletter, nor is it to be relied upon as any official means by which the Township will provide notice of an emergency under the emergency notification system. It will be a courtesy option, available to those who choose to make use of it.

If you would like to sign up for this notification system, please send an e-mail to: administrator@wantagetwp-nj.org, with the message "Please add me to the Wantage Public Notification E-mail Chain", and we will add your e-mail address to our list.

Please inform any of your neighbors or family members who may wish to participate in this program, by forwarding them a copy of this message.

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of several court cases, E-mail lists kept by a municipality are deemed to be a public record. As such, if any one presents Wantage Township with an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) Request for disclosure of the private E-mail addresses on our Emergency Notification List, the courts require that Wantage disclose that information.

Please consider this when you decide to join the Wantage Township Emergency Notification List. If you would prefer that your E-mail address not be made public upon request, do not join this list.

Thank you and best regards,

Jim Doherty
Administrator Clerk
Wantage Twp