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Wantage Township's Clean Communities

In return for organizing a roadside litter pickup in Wantage Township, your group can earn $10.00 per hour, per person. Gloves, litterbags and safety vests will be provided. The participants in your organization will be developing civic pride in performing a valuable community service. This hands-on experience will help them understand the negative impact of litter on our environment.

Choose a date and time for your litter pick up. Allow 1-2 hours for your clean up.

Choose a road or call Ken Karnas at 973-875-5316 for suggestions, and to obtain safety vests, gloves, and bags. Every participant must wear a safety vest and gloves.

Conduct a safety meeting with all participants before starting the cleanup. Clean-ups should be conducted in good weather and during daylight hours.

Arrange for adults to accompany and supervise. Stress safety! One adult should be at the front of the clean-up line. Another adult should be at the end of the line. Only adults should handle sharp objects, such as broken glass.

Stay on one side of the road, facing oncoming traffic. Stay out of the roadway.

After the cleanup call Ken at 973-875-5316 to arrange pick up of gloves, litter bags and safety vests. You must return gloves, vests, and unused bags. (If possible, wash gloves before returning.)

Recycle all recyclables, discard trash, and make a note of the location of any large items you came across. Dispose of trash appropriately. For especially large clean-ups, trash may be taken to the landfill. Reimbursement will be given for tipping fees upon submission of receipt.

Keep track of the number of participants and the number of hours worked. Also, keep record of the approximate number of bags of garbage collected. This report on the success of the clean up will be used to arrange for a contribution to your group, calculated at $10 per person, per hour.


Ken Karnas at 973-875-5316.

Clean Community Events

Tire Turn In - next one TBA

Poster Contest - next one TBA

4-H Clubs Help Clean Up Our Community

Thanks to the 4-H clubs, Kids in the Kitchen and Summer Blossoms, for participating in our Township Clean Communities Program. Participants were amazed at the amount of litter... and the number of miniature vodka bottles! A bit of Wantage is cleaner because of you!!

Kids in the Kitchen 4H group
Kids in the Kitchen
Summer Blossoms 4H group
Summer Blossoms

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