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Test Navigation bridge over Papakating Creek in Papakating Park

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Incorporated on February 21, 1798, Wantage Township was named for Wantage, England and is located in the Kittatinny Valley. Unincorporated communities, localities, and place names located partially or completely within the township include Beemerville, Colesville, Dunvale, Hanford, Lake Neepaulin, Lake Rutherford, Lewisburg, Libertyville, Martins, Mount Salem, Papakating, Plumbsock, Quarryville, Rockport, Roys, and Woodbourne. Rivers and streams in Wantage are tributaries in the Wallkill River watershed, and include Papakating Creek, West Branch Papakating Creek, Neepaulakating Creek, (dammed to create Lake Neepaulin,) and Clove Brook (dammed to create Clove Acres Lake.) The township completely surrounds Sussex borough and borders the municipalities of Frankford Township, Hardyston Township, Lafayette Township, Montague Township, Sandyston Township, and Vernon Township in Sussex County; and Greenville and Minisink in Orange County, New York. Public school students in kindergarten through eighth grade attend the schools of the Sussex-Wantage Regional School District while ninth through twelfth grade public school students attend High Point Regional High School.

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Papakating Creek

Welcome to Papakating Park

At the May 11 meeting of the Mayor and Committee the property that has been referred to as "the Berry Road Property" was officially named Papakating Park. The name "Papakating" is derived from the Lenape word for "land of many deer," a fitting description for the beautiful natural habitat that surrounds the creek. Papakating and its variant spellings, had been recorded for the creek consistently since the American colonial period. Maps and documents at the time of the American Revolution often render the name as Pepocottin or Pepper-Cotton. The name was used for both the creek and its valley.

The property was purchased by Wantage Township several years ago, earmarked for recreational use. There is a wide, grassy pedestrian/bicycle path around the property with a bridge crossing the creek. A disc golf course opened in June 2023. Upcoming uses of the property include baseball fields and a parking lot (under construction, completion dates TBD). A Papakating Park Sports Fields concept plan may be viewed at Town Hall (when available in a digital format, the plan will be posted on the website). Papakating is a carry-in, carry-out park.

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