Wantage Township New Jersey

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Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee

Wantage Township is governed by three elected committee members. The mayor is selected by the committee members each year.


The Wantage Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee meets the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Municipal Building at 7 p.m. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. A notice will be posted if a meeting is canceled. Agendas and approved minutes are posted on the website.


Minutes and agendas are posted on the meetings page. Click here to go to the meetings page.


Recreation Secretary
Nicole Dunn
phone: 973-875-7192

2020 Committee Members

Five-Year Terms

Christy Tuper President Term expires 12/31/20
Warren Wisse Vice President Term expires 12/31/20
Kathy Gorman member Term expires 12/31/21
Darryl Wuhrl member Term expires 12/31/21
Gary Margiotta member Term expires 12/31/21
Susan Weiss (alternate #1) Term expires 12/31/21
vacant (alternate #2)

2020 Events

Wantage Township Pageants (Little Miss, Little Mr. & Miss)
June - Date to be Announced

Wantage Township 5K
September - Date to be Announced

Wantage Township Fall Festival
September - Date to be Announced

Wantage Township Tree Lighting
December - Date to be Announced

Recreation Notices

The Recreation Committee reminds everyone who uses our parks:

  • Use caution and watch your speed entering and exiting the park. (Be alert for children and walkers.)
  • Remember that our parks are "carry in, carry out".
  • Remember cigarette butts are litter too. (A few smoker receptacle/outdoor ashtrays are available in some areas.)
  • Porta johns are not trash disposals. (Wantage Township has a very bad reputation with garbage in the porta johns, as told to us by two companies.)
  • Teams: please announce these rules to the visiting teams before the start of the game.
  • Coaches need to make a final sweep of the area after games.

Every year we received complaints from citizens. We have a wonderful volunteer at Woodbourne Park who cleans up every night. Let's not make his job harder! Please pass on this information to every coach and parent and keep our parks clean. Thank you!

Parks Hours
We rely on dedicated volunteers who take time out of their personal life to close and lock the gates to our public parks at the end of each day; please do not stay in the parks after dark. It is not safe for you, and it is impolite to our volunteers. Your ongoing cooperation with our rules for use of the parks is greatly appreciated!

Concerns about ATVs and Dirt Bikes:
Complaints continue to be received from residents in various areas of the Township about illegal use of ATVs and dirt bikes on public roads and other people's private property. It is important for the message to be carried: Individuals violating this law will be prosecuted. If youths are involved, their parents will be held accountable. PLEASE! It is a matter of safety. It is a matter of courtesy. And IT IS A MATTER OF THE LAW. Keep ATVs and dirt bikes off public roads and property, and off the private property of people who have not given you permission for the use of their property.

Woodbourne Park Gated Due to Vandalism
Repeated acts of vandalism have occurred at Woodbourne Park. Unknown individuals are driving vehicles off the paved drive areas within the park onto grass areas and ball fields. To address this matter, the Wantage DPW has placed a gate in the area of the front cul-de-sac at the park and the opening and closing of the front gate to Woodbourne Park is going to be strictly enforced to minimize access to the entire park during evening hours. Read full notice.


For information about our parks, please refer to the Parks page.


If you are interested in performing public service in our community by serving on this committee, please download the Citizen Leadership Form and submit it to the Township Administrator.

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