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Land Use Board

The Land Use Board considers the impact on the community when development of land is proposed. The board will make recommendations to stay in compliance with the existing township ordinances. The board office is located in the municipal building.

Contact Info

Board Secretary
Jeanne McBride
Phone Number: 973-875-7192 (option #7)
Email: jeanne@wantagetwp-nj.org
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Meetings are held at 7 p.m. at the Wantage Municipal building, unless otherwise noted. All regular meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month; the fourth Tuesday is advertised as a Special Session, to be held if necessary. Exceptions to schedule: November where the meetings will be held the second and fourth Tuesday and December where the meetings will be held on the second and third Tuesday. Official action may be taken.


Minutes and agendas are posted on the meetings page. Click here to go to the meetings page.

2021 Board Members

The Board consists of nine regular members and three alternates in 2021. Class I: Mayor. Class III: Township Committee. Class I, II, III are one-year terms. Class IV are four-year terms; Alternates are two-year terms.

Position Member Term Expires
Class I Jon Morris 12/31/21
Class II Joe Konopinski 12/31/21
Class III Ron Bassani 12/31/21
Class IV Larry Bono 12/31/23
Class IV William DeBoer 12/31/21
Class IV Victoria Gill 12/31/24
Class IV Joanne Kanapinski 12/31/21
Class IV Chuck Meisner 12/31/24
Class IV Mike Walther 12/31/23
Alternate #1 Justin Dudzinski 12/31/22
Alternate #2 George Ungerzagt 12/31/21
Alternate #3 Joseph Greenaway 12/31/22

Class IV = 4-year terms; Alternates = 2-year terms


If you are interested in performing public service in our community by serving on this committee, please download the Citizen Leadership Form and submit it to the Township Administrator.


Applications and forms are available at the Land Use Board office during regular office hours. They are also available online and may be downloaded from the forms page.

Popular Downloads:


Resolutions are on file in the board office and available during normal business hours.


Block 120, Lot 13.01, 109 Haggerty Road

Please take notice that the Wantage Township Land Use Board at its meeting held on April 20, 2021 took the following action:
Adopted a Resolution memorializing the Board’s decision made on March 16, 2021 granting Preliminary and Final Site Plan approval to Barry Weshnak and Carol Anne Cawley Weshnak 2004 Irrevocable Trust, for the property known as Block 120, Lot 13.01, 109 Haggerty Road, in the R-5 Zone, for a farm manager’s residence on the property. Subject to the terms and conditions in the Resolution. The applications and resolutions are on file in the Land Use office at the Wantage Municipal Building and may be viewed during normal business hours.


Bicsak Brothers Realty, LLC - Block 11, Lot 5 - 80 Route 23

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Bicsak Brothers Realty, LLC, has made application to the Wantage Township Land Use Board for property known as Block 11, Lot 5, with the address of 80 Route 23, and located in the Planned Commercial Development Zone District, as follows: 1. For a one year extension (through the end of 2021) of an approval previously granted by Resolution adopted on November 28, 2017, which authorized the Applicant to construct a gravel parking area on the property for the temporary storage of motor vehicles, and to the extent required, a use variance to authorize conducting those activities during the extension period. 2. Any additional variance, design standard, waiver or interpretive relief requested or deemed necessary by the Land Use Board, including any relief for any preexisting conditions, as well as any other permits or licenses that are deemed necessary or appropriate by the Applicant or the Board. This application is now on the calendar for the Wantage Township Land Use Board and a public hearing has been set for Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at the Wantage Township Municipal Building, 888 State Route 23, Wantage, NJ at 7:00 p.m. When the case is called, you may appear either in person or by attorney to present any evidence which you may have regarding the application. The matter will be heard on the above date or any adjourned date designated by the Land Use Board at this public meeting without additional notice. The plans and application for which approval is being sought are on file with the Land Use Administrator and are available for inspection at the Municipal Building during normal business hours. VOGEL, CHAIT, COLLINS AND SCHNEIDER ATTORNEYS FOR THE APPLICANTS, BICSAK BROTHERS REALTY, LLC 25 Lindsley Drive, Suite 200 Morristown, New Jersey 07960-4454 (973) 538-3800 David H. Soloway May 6, 2021

Pending Applications


Charles W. Meissner
Block 117, Lot 34
Sussex County Route 565
Major Subdivision, "D" Variance

Application Documents:
Application (complete, 22 MB)
Township Engineer Report
Applicant Planner Report
Meissner Exhibits
Attorney Letters 8MB

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