Wantage Township New Jersey

888 State Highway 23

Office of Emergency Management

Get the latest emergency news from the Wantage Township Office of Emergency Management by following the OEM Facebook page. This page is especially helpful for weather announcements.

Contact Info

Emergency Management Coordinator
Joseph Konopinski
Phone: No direct phone number. Leave a message at 973-875-7192 or contact through Facebook messaging.


Committee does not have scheduled meetings.

Emergency Management Committee

Position Member Term Expires
Emergency Management Coordinator Joseph Konopinski 12/31/19
Deputy Coordinator #1 - 12/31/19
Deputy Coordinator #2 Thomas Madsen 12/31/19
F.A.S., EMC member Jeff Post 12/31/19
F.A.S., EMC Alternate Regina Cintron 12/31/19
Damage Assessment Joseph Butto 12/31/19
Fire Chief, EMC member Alex Rubin 12/31/19
Facilities, EMC Member Amy Heater 12/31/19
Communications, EMC Member William Gebhard 12/31/19
DPW Supt., EMC Member Claude Wagner 12/31/20
Sanitarian, EMC Member James McDonald 12/31/19
Finance/Resource Mgt., EMC Member Michelle LaStarza 12/31/19
Resource Management - 12/31/19
Mayor, EMC Member Ronald Bassani 12/31/19
Public Information Officer Michael L Restel 12/31/19
Evacuation Leroy Little 12/31/19
Operations, EMC Member Joseph Konopinski 12/31/19
Operations, EMC Member Leo Kinney 12/31/19
Media New Jersey Herald 12/31/19


Any notices will be posted on the News and Announcements page.

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